ECF Fellow Presents: How to Save Eyes in Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Abhilasha Maheshwari (above) presents ECF research at Ophthalmic Oncology Meet

November 22nd Cairo, Egypt:
Physician scholars came together for The 2nd Middle East Ophthalmic Oncology & Pediatric Retina Meeting. Organized by Dr. Ihab Othman, the meeting fostered discussion of various topics in ocular oncology.

The Eye Cancer Foundation (ECF) fellow, Dr. Abhilasha Maheshwari, shared recent findings of ECF supported research. She first presented a talk covering Regression Patterns of Iris Melanoma After Palladium-103 (Pd-103) Plaque Brachytherapy. Originally researched by ECF-Fellow Dr. Sonal Chaugule and ECF-Chair, Dr. Paul T. Finger, this study shows how iris melanomas regress after Pd-103 plaque radiation therapy. First described by Dr. Finger, this type of iris melanoma irradiation allows doctors to preserve normal iris tissue and function. (See our results after Pd-103 plaque for iris and ciliary body melanomas on our web site here.) Results showed the tumors became darker, decreased in thickness and there was a reduction or complete elimination of the tumor vascularity.

Then, Dr. Maheshwari presented her own research performed with Dr. Finger. This study, A 12-Year Study of Slotted Palladium-103 (Pd-103) Radiation Therapy for Choroidal Melanoma: Near, Touching, or Surrounding the Optic Nerve, shows that by using Dr. Finger’s specially designed “slotted” plaques, even melanomas that surround the optic nerve can be treated with eye and vision-sparing radiation therapy (instead of removing the eye). Dr. Maheshwari’s results indicated > 98% tumor control, while most had relative preservation their sight and eye.

The Eye Cancer Foundation takes great pride supporting research that improves patient care. Our fellows are given travel grants to spread the word around the world. As we spread knowledge of these unique findings and improved treatments, we also spread hope for those who would alternatively lose both sight and life.



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Read Dr. Finger and Dr. Chagule’s paper here.

Read Dr. Finger and Dr. Maheshwari’s paper here.

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