Eye Cancer Treatment Techniques That Save Vision

Upload: November 25, 2015Two treatments for eye cancer pioneered by Dr. Paul Finger are saving vision and helping patients keep their eyes. Dr. Finger talked about these developments in a wide-ranging interview with Ivanhoe:

“The most common primary intraocular tumor is melanoma. They are like malignant melanomas of the skin, but they are hidden inside the eye. At The New York Eye Cancer Center, more than 90 percent of patients with intraocular melanoma can be treated by sewing a disc-shaped radioactive implant on the eye, as to cover the tumor. It is left there for one week while it kills the tumor.”

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Patient Stories

"Very well treated by Dr. Finger. He explained everything I needed to know about my issue with detail and attention, putting me at ease and giving me confidence to handle this problem for the rest of my life.”

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