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Innovative Glasses Help Patients Maintain Vision and Comfort During Eye Cancer Treatment

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Our primary goal is to find more effective ways to diagnose and treat eye cancer, but we also try to come up with innovations that make treatment more comfortable and less stressful for our patients. Consider patients undergoing ophthalmic plaque radiation therapy. This course of treatment involves surgically implanting a radiation source onto the eye [..] Read More…

Sunglasses Are a Must in the Winter Too


“Think of Sunglasses as Sunblock for Your Eyes.” This is a key attitude everybody should develop to help protect themselves from eye cancer and other damage to their eyes. But who needs sunblock in the winter? You do. In fact, you may actually need those sunglasses more in the winter than during the summer. In [..] Read More…

Compassion, Humor and Artificial Eyes Smooth the Road to Recovery

Dealing with the loss of an eye can make patients feel conspicuous and awkward. Darrell Hardin has just the prescription – compassion, humor and beautiful artificial eyes. Hardin is an ocularist in Willoughby, Ohio. He combines technical skill with a sense of artistry to make eyes for patients who have lost them due to disease [..] Read More…

Visionary Newsletter – Winter 2017 Edition


The 2017 issue of The Visionary is now available! The Eye Cancer Foundation publishes The Visionary free-of-charge to keep you informed about the latest news, research, and global efforts focused on improving eye cancer treatment, diagnosis, and cure. In this edition, you will find articles about: Projects for the second Eye Cancer Working Day The [..] Read More…

Early Retinoblastoma Screening Key to Saving Life and Vision


Early screening for retinoblastoma in infants is key to saving vision and life. Retinoblastoma is the most common intraocular childhood cancer. It affects approximately 300 children in the United States each year and more than 8,000 worldwide. When detected early, the cure rate is high. But if the diagnosis is delayed, it can result in the [..] Read More…

Eye Cancer Foundation Joins Union for International Cancer Control


The Eye Cancer Foundation has joined forces with Union for International Cancer Control. UICC is the largest and oldest international cancer organization. It has over 1,000 members and 56 partners spanning 162 countries. UICC features the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health, research and treatment institutions, patient groups, and industry leaders. Membership in UICC [..] Read More…

Successful Eye Cancer Treatment Can Improves Quality for the Extreme Elderly


Treating eye cancer patients in their 80s, 90s, and even older, present a unique set of physical and ethical challenges. A case report written by Dr. Carina Sanvicente and Dr. Paul Finger, and published in the November issue of EyeNet, demonstrates how successful treatment can improve quality of life even for patients of advanced age. [..] Read More…

Proper Screening for Metastasis Crucial for Choroidal Melanoma Patients


Patients diagnosed with choroidal melanoma run the risk of having the cancer spread to other parts of their body. In fact, medical evidence suggests half of all choroidal melanoma patients will develop metastatic disease.  However, Dr. Paul Finger’s says, “It’s not that simple.” Studies have pinpointed a number of factors shown to affect the spread [..] Read More…

Asking These Seven Questions Will Help You Choose the Best Doctor

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

It makes a difference where you are treated. Knowing the right questions to ask will help you decide. We have developed a list of 7 key questions that will help you evaluate prospective physicians. Getting answers to these questions will help you be sure the doctor you chose has the experience necessary to provide the [..] Read More…

Eye Cancer Foundation Fellowship Alum Making a Difference in India


A doctor who recently completed fellowship training supported by The Eye Cancer Foundation (ECF) is providing eye cancer treatment in an area of India currently lacking any trained specialists in ocular oncology. Dr. Bikramjit Pal worked under Dr. Tero Kivelä at the Helsinki University Eye Hospital during his six-month fellowship from October 2015 through March [..] Read More…

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