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Study Indicates Link Between Pesticide Use During Pregnancy and Retinoblastoma


A study that will be published in the April 2017 American Journal of Ophthalmology suggests parental pesticide exposure before or during pregnancy may play a role in the development of retinoblastoma. Researchers found using products to kill insects during pregnancy, and up to 1 month before, led to a 2.8-fold higher risk of nonhereditary, unilateral [..] Read More…

A New Way to Support the Work of The Eye Cancer Foundation


There’s a new way to support the work of The Eye Cancer Foundation. The ECF has partnered with Pledgeling, a platform that facilitates giving to nonprofits. Visitors to can search for specific non-profit organizations or general categories they want to support. For instance, searching for “eye cancer” will bring up The Eye Cancer Foundation. [..] Read More…

Comprehensive Metastatic Screening Crucial for Ocular Melanoma Patients


Comprehensive metastatic screening in patients diagnosed with choroidal melanoma is extremely important. Patients at the New York Eye Cancer Center have access to all screening technology commercially available. For example, PET/CT screening  was first investigated at NYECC. It is the only method that surveys the entire body for metastatic spread. In addition to an initial [..] Read More…

The Eye Cancer Foundation Celebrates World Cancer Day


Saturday Feb. 4 marks World Cancer Day. The theme of this year’s event is “We Can. I can.” Cancer affects people in different ways, but everybody – together and as individuals – can take action to reduce the global burden of cancer. The ‘We can. I can.’ campaign reinforces positive and action-oriented messaging about cancer. [..] Read More…

Knowing the Signs of Eye Cancer


Early diagnosis is one of the keys to successful treatment of eye cancer. The New York Eye Cancer Center has some of the most advanced diagnostic tools and techniques available. These include high frequency and hi-resolution ultrasound imaging for tumors on, in, and behind the eye. We use high definition digital photography, and OCT imaging. [..] Read More…

Get to Know Dr. Finger (Video)

finger video

A new video offers a personal glimpse into the work of New York Eye Center Director Dr. Paul Finger. Dr. Finger is an internationally recognized eye cancer specialist. He has spent 35 years in ophthalmic oncology, dedicating himself to learning, improving and inventing new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in and around [..] Read More…

Eye Cancer Foundation Fellow Publishes Study on Chemotherapy Side Effect


A paper co-authored by Dr. Bikramjit P. Pal highlights a study conducted under the guidance of Dr. Tero Kivelä while supported by a fellowship grant provided by The Eye Cancer Foundation. Dr. Pal worked under Dr. Kivelä at the Helsinki University Eye Hospital during a six-month fellowship from October 2015 through March 2016. During the [..] Read More…

Temporary Prosthesis After Surgery Can Help Ease the Psychological Trauma of Eye Loss

eye prosthesis

One of the most difficult aspects of losing an eye is psychological. For many patients, the first thing that pops into their mind is, “What will I look like.” Fortunately, with a good ocular prosthesis, the loss of an eye will hardly be noticeable to the average passerby. Over the last 20 years, the amount [..] Read More…

Innovative Glasses Help Patients Maintain Vision and Comfort During Eye Cancer Treatment

blocking glasses

Our primary goal is to find more effective ways to diagnose and treat eye cancer, but we also try to come up with innovations that make treatment more comfortable and less stressful for our patients. Consider patients undergoing ophthalmic plaque radiation therapy. This course of treatment involves surgically implanting a radiation source onto the eye [..] Read More…

Sunglasses Are a Must in the Winter Too


“Think of Sunglasses as Sunblock for Your Eyes.” This is a key attitude everybody should develop to help protect themselves from eye cancer and other damage to their eyes. But who needs sunblock in the winter? You do. In fact, you may actually need those sunglasses more in the winter than during the summer. In [..] Read More…

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