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Chemotherapy Eye Drops:
Dr. Finger has found that even large conjunctival squamous carcinomas can be managed by performing a simple, painless in office biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Then Dr. Finger prescribes one of 3 types of chemotherapy eye drops, until he finds the drug that melts away and cures the squamous cancers.
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Special Radiation Eye Plaques:
Dr. Finger has designed specially shaped radiation devices for treatment of intraocular melanoma. These devices work to limit the radiation to the normal parts of the eye, save vision and destroy the cancer in almost all cases.
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Palladium-103 Typically Outperforms Ruthenium and Iodine Plaques: 
Dr. Finger was the first to use palladium-103 seeds in ophthalmic radiation plaques in treatment of intraocular melanoma and retinoblastoma. He chose to switch from iodine-125 seeds because he knew and later proved that the lower…
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Dr. Finger’s Success Rates:
Don’t you want to know the success rates of the surgeon you are about to pick? In 2017, Dr. Finger started an internal program at The New York Eye Cancer Center to average almost all patients he…
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The Importance of International Multi-center Cooperation:
Dr. Finger has long recognized that in order to better understand rare eye tumors, the eye cancer community of physicians had to: 1) Speak Ocular Tumor (use the same “AJCC-UICC” TNM descriptions for each kind of tumor…
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The Benefits of Small Incision Biopsy for Ocular Tumors:
Dr. Finger realized the advantages of micro-invasive biopsy for intraocular and orbital tumors. Borrowing aspiration-cutter technology from the retinal specialists, Dr. Finger created safe, effective methods of biopsy for choroidal, ciliary body, iris, and…
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Intraocular Injections Suppress Radiation Retinopathy and Optic Neuropathy:
In 2006, Dr. Finger discovered that anti-VEGF drugs could be injected into eyes suffering from sight-limiting radiation retinopathy and optic neuropathy. Since that time, he published his 10-year experience. He has found that these drugs typically suppress…
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Dr Finger’s Method For Intraocular Injections:
Dr. Finger’s intravitreal injection routine enables maximum efficacy for the anti-VEGF treatment. Dr. Finger himself introduced angled self-sealing needle punctures. The idea in doing this as opposed to the…
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Enucleation: Surgical Removal of the Eye:
All About The Surgery to Remove an Eye. At The New York Eye Cancer Center, less than 6% of patients have their eye removed as treatment for their intraocular tumor. Most of those are due to the patient’s…
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Dr. Finger’s Classification of Radiation Retinopathy:
Dr. Finger realized that all eye cancer specialists must be able to define and communicate the severity of radiation damage within the eye. Only then can they compare their methods of diagnosis and treatment.  Read More »

Should You Treat Small Choroidal Melanoma?
One of the most difficult decisions patients and doctors make is when to treat small choroidal melanomas. This is because all treatments carry the risk of affecting visual acuity. This brochure explains most of the risks and potential benefits… Read More »

Patient Stories

"Very well treated by Dr. Finger. He explained everything I needed to know about my issue with detail and attention, putting me at ease and giving me confidence to handle this problem for the rest of my life.”

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