International Patients

The New York Eye Cancer Center is a world-class center of excellence for the treatment of cancers of the eye and related conditions.

Patients from every continent choose to be seen at the NYECC to receive methods of diagnosis and treatment may be available at home. We understand the additional stresses that come with undergoing treatment so far from home, so the NYECC has special programs in place for international patients. It is our goal make your journey as easy as possible.

International Patients Receive:

  • Tailored appointment scheduling. We will make every effort to book your treatments such that your time away from home is minimized. If surgery is necessary, our affiliated physicians are on staff at a wide range of hospitals and facilities.
  • Flat-rate pricing packages. To ease concerns about financial responsibilities while far away from home, we offer international patients pre-negotiated, all-inclusive pricing packages that incorporate consultation and diagnostic testing.
  • Multi-lingual care. Our physician and staff are trained to perform consultations in many languages.
  • Post-treatment continuity planning. Once you complete treatment in New York, Dr. Finger and his associates will make sure you have a post-treatment plan in place with a local eye cancer specialist in your home country.

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Patient Stories

"Very well treated by Dr. Finger. He explained everything I needed to know about my issue with detail and attention, putting me at ease and giving me confidence to handle this problem for the rest of my life.”

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