Research Spurs Advances In Conjunctival Tumor Treatment

Upload: November 26, 2015Conjunctival tumors affect the area inside the eyelids and on the surface, or white, of the eye. They are primarily related to ultraviolet light exposure from the sun.

Conjunctival cancers (primarily melanoma and squamous carcinoma) are commonly treated with a combination of surgical removal “excision” and cryo- “freezing” therapy. Dr. Finger has developed specialized cryotherapy applicators for treatment of conjunctival cancer. Compared to standard retinal cryotherapy probes used at most centers, “Finger-tip” applicators provide larger surface areas for more complete, uniform freezing of conjunctival, scleral and corneal tumors.

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"Very well treated by Dr. Finger. He explained everything I needed to know about my issue with detail and attention, putting me at ease and giving me confidence to handle this problem for the rest of my life.”

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