Plant Compound As a Promising Eye Cancer Solution?

Miraculous medicinal herbs may no longer be considered alternative medicine. A natural plant derivative has recently shown promise as the basis of a lasting cure for malignant tumor growth, particularly in the progression of ocular melanoma.

Ocular melanoma progresses when certain proteins in the cells of our body become locked in an active state, overwhelming the body with unstoppable signaling cascades. As a result, relentless aggregates of cells called tumors begin to form. The critical problem with available treatment is that it seems nearly impossible to shut down this malfunction once it has begun. Thus there has been a dire need for the development of new cancer treatment options.

Perhaps that innovation is soon upon us––research at Washington University School of Medicine has lead to a remarkable discovery. Compound FR900359 (FR), derived from the primrose flower, has shown promising capability to halt the exponential growth that makes tumors so resilient and treatment-averse.

Researcher Micheal Onken, Ph.D., explains:

“In our study, we showed that the cancer-causing [protein] doesn’t have to be turned off by force. It just turns itself off every now and then on its own. But it then can be locked down with FR, and that’s enough to shut down tumor cell growth.”

So, this plant-derived compound does not work to shut down a single step in the signaling process for tumor growth. Rather, it targets and traps the corrupted protein in its inactive state. And, as an added bonus, this alternative method of action has shown potential for both killing ocular melanoma and reverting tumorous cells back to normal.

Our bodies are filled with proteins that can possibly mutate. In fact, other protein malfunctions have been known to be involved with various other diseases, such as diabetes, retinitis pigmentosa (RP), and certain disorders of the thyroid. Knowing this, compound FR may prove to be a versatile ingredient in future pharmacological intervention.



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