Hyperthermic Treatment of Intraocular Tumors

By Paul T. Finger, MD

Ten years after treatment the tumor has regressed to scar with scleral show.
Ten years after treatment the tumor has regressed to scar with scleral show.

Heat “Hyperthermia” has been used to make radiation more effective in the treatment of cutaneous and metastatic malignant melanoma. This is because relatively low levels of heat (42-45 Celsius) can inactivate enzymes used to repair radiation damage and higher temperatures can damage tumor blood vessels.It is believed that low level heating offers the potential to decrease the amount of radiation required to kill cancer cells resulting in fewer radiation complications.

The largest and longest followed series of patients treated with both eye-plaque radiation therapy and ocular hyperthermia was published in 1997. This phase-I clinical case series demonstrated comparable local control and improved visual acuities compared to other series of patients treated with radiation alone. For further information read, see links below.

Unfortunately, due to the small numbers of patients and commerical liability concerns/expense, hyperthermic treatment of choroidal melanoma was not found to be commercially viable. If there is commercial interest, please contact Dr. Finger.


An anterior choroidal melanoma prior to I-125 /microwave thermoradiotherapy.
An anterior choroidal melanoma prior to I-125 /microwave thermoradiotherapy.
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