3-Dimensional Ultrasonography

Oblique sections demonstrate high reflectivity of the plaque's posterior surface.
Oblique sections demonstrate high reflectivity of the plaque’s posterior surface.

By Paul T. Finger, MD

3D ultrasound has been used to image radioactive eye-plaques while they are sewn beneath their intraocular tumors. This technique was used to make sure radioactive eye plaques are properly positioned beneath its intraocular tumor.

3D ultrasound is particularly helpful when examining eyes with tumors, retinal detachment and calcifications (e.g. retinoblastoma). It is a relatively inexpensive way to measure the diameter of the orbital portion of the optic nerve.


Finger PT, Romero JM, Rosen RB, Iezzi R, Emery R, Berson A. Three-dimensional ultrasonography of choroidal melanoma.Localization of ophthalmic plaques. The Archives Ophthalmology 116:305-12, 1998.

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