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Better Treatment Option for Tumors of the Iris

Iris melanoma is a relatively rare form of eye cancer. Dr. Finger chaired a multi-center, internet-assisted, international study that staged and described the clinical and pathologic characteristics of biopsy proven malignant melanoma of the iris. As a result, he has extensive knowledge of this type of cancer.

Pioneering Diagnosis and Treatment of the Most Common Eye Cancer

Choroidal melanoma is the most common primary intraocular cancer in adults. Dr. Finger has dedicated years of research to this common eye cancer. As a result, he has developed pioneering techniques for diagnosing and treating this disease.

Innovations in the Treatment of Iris Melanoma

The methods for diagnosis of patients with iris, iridociliary and anterior uveal tumors have changed in recent years. Traditionally, patients diagnosed with an iris or iridociliary melanoma have undergone intraocular surgery to “cut out” the tumor. But today, Dr. Finger rarely has to remove the tumor, instead opting for destroying it with an external application [..] Read More…

Early Diagnosis Key to Treating Metastasis to the Eye

When cancer metastasizes to the eye and the orbital area, early detection, diagnosis, and prompt treatment offer the best chance to preserve vision. The most common sources of ocular metastasis are breast cancer, primarily in women, followed by lung cancer, primarily in men. However, other less common sources include gastrointestinal, prostate, lymphoid, leukemia, thyroid, kidney, [..] Read More…

Understanding Radiation Therapies

Radiation plays a key role in the treatment of ocular tumors. In many cases, radiation therapy offers a vision-sparing alternative to removing the eye. Dr. Finger has done extensive research in the use of eye and vision-saving radiation treatments and developed several pioneering techniques. Retina Today published Dr. Finger’s overview article on this research: “Radiation [..] Read More…

Major Study Sheds Light on Most Common Eye Cancer

Choroidal melanoma is the most common primary intraocular tumor in adults. Dr. Finger has been instrumental in creating The Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study of Choroidal Melanoma. Download a summary of the study today: Download the PDF Here This cancer initially appears as a small freckle beneath the retina. Choroidal melanoma can grow in height and [..] Read More…

Research Spurs Advances In Conjunctival Tumor Treatment

Conjunctival tumors affect the area inside the eyelids and on the surface, or white, of the eye. They are primarily related to ultraviolet light exposure from the sun. Conjunctival cancers (primarily melanoma and squamous carcinoma) are commonly treated with a combination of surgical removal “excision” and cryo- “freezing” therapy. Dr. Finger has developed specialized cryotherapy [..] Read More…

Eye Cancer Treatment Techniques That Save Vision

Two treatments for eye cancer pioneered by Dr. Paul Finger are saving vision and helping patients keep their eyes. Dr. Finger talked about these developments in a wide-ranging interview with Ivanhoe: “The most common primary intraocular tumor is melanoma. They are like malignant melanomas of the skin, but they are hidden inside the eye. At The [..] Read More…

Eye on Ocular Melanoma

The October issue of EyeWorld magazine featured an in-depth discussion with Dr. Paul Finger on ocular melanoma. Many patients worry about skin melanoma metastasizing to the eye, but Dr. Finger said this isn’t the norm. “I’ve been an ocular oncologist for a long time now. One of the things that comes up over and over [..] Read More…

Skin Cancer Also a Threat to Your Eyes

We see a lot of information about skin cancer and measures we should take to prevent it, but few people realize this disease can impact their eyes. A Fox News article featuring Dr. Finger highlights melanoma of the conjunctiva, the delicate tissue covering the insides of the eyelids. This is the same area affected by [..] Read More…

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