Pioneering Diagnosis and Treatment of the Most Common Eye Cancer

Upload: November 25, 2015Choroidal melanoma is the most common primary intraocular cancer in adults.

Dr. Finger has dedicated years of research to this common eye cancer. As a result, he has developed pioneering techniques for diagnosing and treating this disease.

In over 99% of cases, Dr. Finger can make the diagnosis of choroidal melanoma by clinical examination during your visit at The New York Eye Cancer Center. However, some centers routinely use surgical biopsy to determine the diagnosis and the genetic makeup of each tumor.

In 2016, this genetic information has not changed eye cancer specialists methods of treatment or follow up. On the other hand, placing a sharp needle or biopsy instrument into the eye can definitely risk vision and will let tumor cells escape. This is why Dr. Finger will only biopsy when the clinical diagnosis remains uncertain, when a patient requests diagnosis by pathology, or in those rare cases where the intraocular tumor comes from another, hidden part of the body.

Once he makes the diagnosis of choroidal melanoma, Dr. Finger employs the latest treatment techniques based on the most current research with the best possible outcomes. These include Palladium-103 eye plaque therapy, anterior eye plaque irradiation (here is another innovation to make anterior plaque radiation more comfortable.) and Finger’s slotted plaque technique.

For more detailed information on diagnosis and treatment of choroidal melanoma, download the PDF:

Download the PDF Here

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