Three Keys to Treating Conjunctival Tumors

Upload: November 24, 2015Dr. Finger’s research of conjunctiva tumors leads to three important points.

  • The first surgery offers the best chance for a cure.
  • Larger tumors require more complex multi-modality treatments.
  • Eyes and vision can be salvaged through the use of radiation.

Excision of conjunctival carcinoma and melanoma alone has been associated with high recurrence rates. Further, these failures of local control are associated with loss of vision, loss of the eye, and metastatic disease. Based on these key findings, Dr. Finger has refined the way he treats these tumors.

In 2012, Yousef and Finger reported a retrospective study of 101 cases of squamous dysplasia and carcinoma of the conjunctiva and cornea. They found that when smaller AJCC T1 staged lesions are treated with excision with “Finger-tip” cryotherapy (freezing the tumor) one could achieve 96% local control. However, larger lesions required more complex strategies including topical chemotherapy “eye drops” for chemoreduction before surgery or after resection as adjuvant therapy.

Based on the research, Dr. Finger has refined the “Finger-tip” cryotherapy technique as part of the first surgery, leading to better patient outcomes than traditional excision alone.

For more detailed information about Dr. Finger’s research into conjunctival carcinoma and the resulting treatment techniques, download the PDF:

Download the PDF Here

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