A New Way to Support the Work of The Eye Cancer Foundation

There’s a new way to support the work of The Eye Cancer Foundation.

The ECF has partnered with Pledgeling, a platform that facilitates giving to nonprofits.


Visitors to pledgeling.com/home can search for specific non-profit organizations or general categories they want to support. For instance, searching for “eye cancer” will bring up The Eye Cancer Foundation. They can donate directly from that page.

But Pledgeling is more than just a stop on the Internet to drop off a donation. It is a fully integrated platform allowing businesses to support charitable giving.

Pledgeling’s goal is, “Powering the revolution for good.” The organization has helped to raise over $1 million for thousands of charities since its founding in 2014.

If you own a business, you can get involved and help support important ECF projects such as our 2020 Campaign to strategically train and place eye cancer specialists in unserved regions around the world.

Pledgeling works with Evite Donations to create a platform that allows you set up giving campaigns associated with your next party or function, thereby benefitting The Eye Cancer Foundation.

“The combination of Evite’s scale with Pledgeling’s charitable giving platform has made it possible to turn any face-to-face gathering into a moment of positive social impact,” Evite CEO Victor Cho said.

Pledgeling’s mobile-first technology platform and suite of software services will allow you to seamlessly incorporate a campaign to benefit The Eye Cancer Foundation into your business. This will not only help The ECF to create a world-class resource for eye cancer patients and their families, it will also help your business. As the folks at Pledgeling put it, “brands today must do good to do well.”

You can “do good,” by helping the mission of The Eye Cancer Foundation by utilizing Pledgeling to create a campaign.

For more information on how your business can partner with the ECF through Pledgeling, click here.

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