International Retinoblastoma Fellowships with The Eye Cancer Foundation

The Eye Cancer FoundationUpload: January 15, 2016 (ECF) is pleased to announce funding to support retinoblastoma education fellowships for candidates from unserved and underserved countries. These fellowships may be from the ECF, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, and/or the International Council of Ophthalmology.

This program desires to train candidates as eye cancer specialists so that each candidate will return to his or her country to start eye cancer programs aimed at reducing mortality and vision loss related to the most common eye cancer in children (retinoblastoma). Candidates must be a qualified ophthalmologist who will use their best efforts to practice as an eye cancer specialist after the training.

Candidates agree to devote their full time and efforts to the training and shall perform all of the duties and responsibilities diligently and agrees to observe and comply with all the rules, regulations and policies of the ECF and their host institutions. Candidates shall not accept part time employment during the period of their training agreement without the express permission of ECF and their host institution.

Candidates understand that ECF’s business ethics must be above reproach and agree to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects ECF’s standards so as to maintain and improve the image, reputation and interest of ECF. Candidates agree to keep ECF informed as to their current mailing address at all times during and after the training.

Stipend – Training is expected to be complete in six (6) months (either in 1 stretch (preferable) or two, 3-month fellowships in one year). Candidates shall be paid a stipend of $1,000 per month for the 6 months of training. This will cover food and lodging during the fellowship. In addition, the ECF will pay for one round-trip coach air travel to and from the training center.

Documentation and Information – Each candidate will need to provide a letter from the candidate’s Ophthalmology Department Chairman indicating that they will be supported to develop an Ophthalmic Oncology Department upon return from training. Candidates should provide a list of ophthalmic oncology equipment currently present at their hospital or medical center of origin.

Candidates must complete one published research study acknowledging The Eye Cancer Foundation for the fellowship. Typical verbiage, “This research work was performed by Dr. __________ during a fellowship supported by The Eye Cancer Foundation.” A copy of this published work must be sent to The Eye Cancer Foundation at

Candidates must send a photograph depicting themselves with their ECF preceptor for publication in the Foundation’s Visionary Magazine, along with a one-page description of their home hospital or medical center. Candidates should include a photograph release signed by the candidate and preceptor.

Candidate’s Return Home – Candidates agree that after the training, they will return to their country to treat eye cancer patients. If candidates do not do so, the $6,000 stipend must be returned to ECF.

Candidates must provide an application that includes:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Work Address
  • Home Mailing Address
  • Cellular Telephone Number
  • Home Phone Number
  • Letter from Chairman of Department
  • Curriculum Vitae

Submit this information to

Preferred first countries:
Country H, L, M income Country Code RB estimate
Bangladesh L BGD 190
Iraq M IRQ 62
Afghanistan L AFG 61
Mozambique L MOZ 58
Algeria M DZA 58
Myanmar L MMR 55
Angola M AGO 52
Niger L NER 50
Cameroon M CMR 48
Madagascar L MDG 47
Yemen, Rep. M YEM 45
Cote d’Ivoire M CIV 42
Burkina Faso L BFA 40
Uzbekistan M UZB 38
Zambia M ZMB 36
Chad L TCD 33
Ukraine M UKR 32
Senegal M SEN 31
Korea H KOR 30
Burundi L BDI 26
Somalia L SOM 26
Guinea L GIN 25
Kazakhstan M KAZ 23
Cambodia L KHM 23
South Sudan M SSD 23
Sri Lanka M LKA 23
Benin L BEN 22
Korea, Dem. Rep. L PRK 22
Ecuador M ECU 20
Bolivia M BOL 16
Tajikistan L TJK 16
Haiti L HTI 16
Togo L TGO 14
Eritrea L ERI 14
Dominican Republic M DOM 13
Tunisia M TUN 13
Papua New Guinea M PNG 12
Romania M ROU 12

16 Responses to “International Retinoblastoma Fellowships with The Eye Cancer Foundation”

  1. Dziffa- Bella

    Am from Ghana in West Africa. When is the deadline for application of the fellowship? where will the fellowship be?
    Will there be hands on as well?
    Thank you.

  2. Majourette varela

    Good day I am from the Philippines. Is the position still available currently. And may I ask if the letter from the chairman of the department t could be submitted as to follow document

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