Applying Chemotherapy Eye Drops Is Easier than It Sounds (Video)

When people hear the word chemotherapy, they generally think of intravenous medication injections to treat the whole body.  Of course, there are also chemotherapy drugs that can be administered orally in pill or liquid form. But there is another option available for treating eye cancer.

In 1993, Dr. Paul Finger and coworkers first reported on the use of Mitomycin chemotherapy eye drops to treat melanoma of the conjunctiva and cornea. Then in 2008, Dr. Finger and coworkers introduced interferon eye drops for extraocular melanoma. He realized that by placing chemotherapy agents directly onto the eye using drops, a high concentration of drug goes directly to the tumor. Topical treatment also limits the possibility of systemic (whole body) side effects.

Applying chemotherapy drops may sound complicated or intimidating, but it’s really not. In fact, most people put the drops in themselves.

This short video demonstrates the simple procedure.

As you watch the video, note the position of the patient. You also want to make sure excess medication does not get on your skin.

This video provides general information about applying chemotherapy eye drop, but as with any treatment, make sure you talk with your doctor about any questions. Not all chemotherapy eye drops are the same.

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