Eye on Ocular Melanoma

The October issue of EyeWorld magazine featured an in-depth discussion with Dr. Paul Finger on ocular melanoma. Many patients worry about skin melanoma metastasizing to the eye, but Dr. Finger said this isn’t the norm. “I’ve been an ocular oncologist for a long time now. One of the things that comes up over and over [..] Read More…

Skin Cancer Also a Threat to Your Eyes

We see a lot of information about skin cancer and measures we should take to prevent it, but few people realize this disease can impact their eyes. A Fox News article featuring Dr. Finger highlights melanoma of the conjunctiva, the delicate tissue covering the insides of the eyelids. This is the same area affected by [..] Read More…

Widely-Used Cancer Drug Curbs Vision Loss in Eye Cancer Patients

According to a study authored by Dr. Paul Finger, injections of a widely-used cancer drug curbs vision loss due to radiation treatment of eye cancer. “This is a major breakthrough for eye cancer patients who are treated with radiation therapy and commonly develop radiation retinopathy. Avastin reduces abnormal blood vessel growth, stops leakage in the [..] Read More…

Dr. Finger Develops Pioneering Treatment for Ocular Tumors

An article in the 1999 issues of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute highlights a pioneering treatment technique for ocular cancer developed by Dr. Paul Finger. Up until that time, removal of the eyeball was still commonly used to treat large eye tumors. Dr. Finger developed an effective alternative using radiotherapy. “Paul T. Finger, [..] Read More…

Patient Stories

"Very well treated by Dr. Finger. He explained everything I needed to know about my issue with detail and attention, putting me at ease and giving me confidence to handle this problem for the rest of my life.”

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